PlayTime Scheduler is a free online tool for arranging pickleball play sessions with other local players.

Since 2016, hundreds of thousands of pickleball players all over the world have been using this site to meet, dink, and be merry!

Registering for your account is free, quick and easy. Just select your country and region, then fill in a short player profile. If your region doesn't exist yet, you can be the first to add it to the system. On your next visit, you'll only need to log in with your email address (passwords are optional). The website works great on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Once logged in to your region, you will see a weekly calendar with different colored bubbles. Each bubble represents a play session that someone has created for a particular location, time, skill range. Some might also specify gender, format, or a special event name. The bubbles are color-coded by general area, such as neighborhoods or towns within the larger region. You can roll your mouse over the bubbles or switch to List View to see the exact venue names.

Clicking on a bubble will bring up a window with more details on that play session, including a list of players who have signed up for that session. If you would like to join the session, click the "Add My Name" button. You can also Add Notes that other players can read and respond to, such as, "I might be a little late" or "Does anyone have an extra paddle?"

PlayTime Scheduler is not a court reservation system – it's a way of inviting others to play, since there's nothing worse than showing up to empty courts! PlayTime Scheduler helps ensure you always have at least 4 players before you head out the door. You'll also be able to see where your friends are playing on any given day, or choose sessions that best match your skill level. It's designed as a tool to replace those endless email or text message threads used for arranging play dates.

Don't see any sessions on the calendar that fit your needs? Create your own! It's incredibly simple – just click the "Add Session" button and fill in the form. You can select desired skill levels and set a player minimum and maximum, if necessary. Other players in your region will be notified of your session and have the opportunity to sign up. You'll get an email when your session reaches the minimum number of players, so you know it's "game on!"

PlayTime Scheduler offers 3 different levels of access – Free User ($0/year), Premium User ($25/year), and Power User ($35/year). Upgrading to Premium or Power User gets you tons of extra features that make the site easier and more fun to use. It also helps support the site so we can continue to improve it. See our Upgrade Information page for more information and to compare the different levels.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the site, see our extensive User Guide. Or, click the Demo button under the login box on the Home Page to jump right in. Have fun and see you on the courts!