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Spotted on the Scheduler

Spotted on the Scheduler: "Dinko" de Mayo!

By: Lisa Rhodes

Needham Pickleball had a blast celebrating “Dinko” de Mayo! Needham is a suburb of Boston, and our group formed just two years ago with a handful of hopefuls, only one of whom (Paul Pasquarosa) had ever even played the game! 

We started with two taped courts and have incrementally obtained approval from the town to paint lines on more and more courts. In fact, we are painting two more tonight to total eight courts. We are fortunate to have so many beautiful courts, and we use them all. Like so many places worldwide, Needham Pickleball has grown tremendously and now has more than 1,500 members in our small town. 

In honor of our growth, we came together for our first outdoor social of the season. Nearly 100 players joined for the event, some sticking to the courts, while others enjoyed the snacks and each other’s company. We love these events to provide an opportunity to come together and play with people whose schedules or skill levels may not otherwise align, and to kick back and have fun with friends off the courts. 

Needham Pickleball prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive group exemplified by our "Dinko" de Mayo event. We look forward to the next, a 4th of July social! Please check PlayTime Scheduler and join if you’re in the area.