Newsletters > 12/13/2023 > Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

You're not imagining things... we have so much to talk about this month, we're sending two newsletters! In this issue, we're very excited that 3 lucky users will win a Reaction Pro paddle and 12 pack of balls from CORE Pickleball. We also have new Tips and Tricks, holiday fun, and great advice on how to stay positive on the court.

Despite the holidays being in full swing, we're working hard on developing new features. We're completely rebuilding the Invite List and Block List features to be more user-friendly. You'll soon have the ability to create, edit, and share invite lists separate from the Add Session function. Another frequently requested feature coming soon is the ability to specify when registration opens and closes on each session. For repeating series, this means you can create several weeks' worth of sessions at once, but have each one become active only a certain number of days prior to the event. We hope to launch the updated site sometime around the beginning of the year.