Pickleball in Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon, VA

Includes Collingwood, Fort Hunt Community Park, Martin Luther King Park (Gum Springs Outdoors), Gum Springs Community Center -Indoors, Lee District Recreation Center - Outdoor courts, Lee District Recreation Center - Indoor courts, Hollin Meadows, Original Mount Vernon High School, Hollin Hills

Local Admin Alert

The outdoor courts at MLK are being repaired and are closed until the third or fourth week of September.  We will update the status as we know it.  

Indoor Places and Times: Starting 9/8 there will be dedicated drop-in time on 2 courts at the Original MVHS gym (8333 Richmond Highway) on Wed. 3-4:30 pm, Thurs. 9-10:30 am and Sat. 1-3 pm. Plans to stripe a 3rd court are underway.  Gum Springs will have dedicated drop in times on Mon. 6:30-8 pm and Fri. 11:30am-2 pm.

NEW INFORMATION:  Please start using the Lee District Recreation Center in Franconia.  It has one outdoor tennis court (#1) reserved for pickleball from 8 am - 12 noon on Sundays.  This is FREE drop-in play on one pickleball striped court. These courts have lights and are available for play as long as court #1 isn't in use for a class.  Call the Center (703-922-9841) to check if it's in use for classes or check ParkTakes for the schedule.  Please also use the PlayTimeScheduler.com to arrange sessions. If we don’t use it we will lose it!

Also at Lee District Rec Center, 2 indoor courts are reserved for pickleball play starting Sunday, August 22.  There will be two sessions, 8 - 9:30 am and 10-11:30 am.  Go to https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/recenter/lee-district to purchase tickets at $10 each ($6.50 for Seniors)  and FREE for rec center members.  Scroll down to BUY TICKETS and follow the prompts. Please also use the scheduler.

Collingwood and Ft.Hunt Community Park now have four portable nets that are assembled and chained to the fences.  There is contact information for the combination on a fence sign above the nets.  Please return the nets exactly the way you find them. Take care not to snag the nets or knock off the end pieces on the base. 

Remember: playtimescheduler.com is for scheduling sessions (games) for others to join, not reserving courts. For it to work well for ALL players, please use it to schedule a session when you're planning to play. 

For your health and safety the USA Pickleball Association recommends these guidelines:

  • Eye protection, such as sun or safety glasses 
  • Proper court shoes with good support - not running or slip-on shoes
  • Court free of obstacles such as grass in any cracks or debris
  • Dry courts only for play - wet or damp courts are a slipping hazard
  • Phone and first aid kit handy in case of accidents
  • Hydrate often, especially in hot weather.  Bring at least one bottle of water with you
  • Rest and recuperate if you have an injury before playing again


Pickleball Courts in Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon

PlayTime Scheduler is a FREE scheduling tool created exclusively for pickleball. Using this site, you will be able to create and join play sessions with other players in the Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon area. No more endless group texts or emails, or showing up to empty courts! Click the button below to get started.

Collingwood Park
8200 West Boulevard, Alexandria VA 22308
4 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Ft Hunt Community Park (behind Ft. Hunt Elementary School)
8832 Linton Lane, Alexandria VA 22308
4 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Gum Springs Community Center -Indoors
8100 Fordson Road, Alexandria VA 22306
2 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided
Hollin Hills Pickleball & Tennis Club (HHPTC)
1602 Paul Spring Rd, Alexandria VA 22307
2 Outdoor courts
Dedicated, Nets Provided
Lee District Outdoor Pickleball Court (Tennis Court #1)
6601 Telegraph Rd, Franconia VA 22310
1 Outdoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided
Lee District Recreation Center - Indoors (2 courts)
6601 Telegraph Rd, Franconia VA 22310
2 Indoor courts
Nets Provided
South County Community Center (new name TBD, AKA OMVHS)
8333 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria VA 22309
3 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided