Pickleball in Haliburton, Ontario

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Reminders about booking:

* You can book your pickleball times for the following week starting at 6 PM on Thursdays.  You can book 2 sessions ONLY.

* If you want to play additional times, you can book these starting  at 6 PM on Fridays for the following week. As long as the time slots indicate there are less than 8 players, you can add your name up to and including the day of the games. 

* If you book before these times, or more than 2 sessions on the Thursdays, you name will be removed.

If you cannot attend your booked session, please delete your name.  Members can add their names to the waitlist. There will be 2 waitlist times available per session.  You will receive an email if you are bumped up off the waitlist into a session spot.  Adding your name to a waitlist does not count as one of your two session bookings. 

Pickleball Courts in Haliburton

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