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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I view sessions in a different region when traveling?

A: Log in, then click My Account > Change Region. You can also click the globe icon next to the city name at the top of the calendar (mobile) or in the yellow lefthand column (desktop).

Q: How can I unsubscribe or delete my account?

A: To permanently delete your account, log in, click My Account > Delete My Account.
To unsubscribe from emails, log in, click My Account > Email Preferences > Unsubscribe From All.

Q: How can I get PlayTime set up in my city?

A: Click here to register your region. We rely on local admins to input court locations for each region.

Q: How can I add a court location to my region?

A: Click on the Suggest Courts button, found next to the Map button (on desktop computers), or at the top of the screen under your name (mobile devices). Your local admins will need to approve the location before it's available for scheduling. If you submitted a location some time ago and it has not been approved, please contact the site admins using the form below.

Q: Is there a mobile app for PlayTime?

A: PlayTime Scheduler is not an app at this time, but the website is mobile-friendly, and works very much like an app. You can even bookmark it as an icon on your phone's home screen for one-touch access. Click here for phone-specific instructions.

Q: Why doesn't it save my email address in the login box?

A: Make sure you aren't in "private" mode in your browser. If your address bar is dark gray or black, you are probably in private mode. Private mode prevents the site from saving your email in a cookie.

Q: Why does the login page keep kicking me back?

A: Make sure you aren't in "Reader View" in your mobile browser. If there is a black icon in the top left corner that says "Aa", click that and then click Exit Reader View.

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